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Software Factory

A software factory is a development environment that allows building specific kind of computer application in a quickly way. In this line, it is possible to think that the key to achieving the highest levels of productivity lies in having the ability to quickly configure, adapt, and assemble independently developed components; for building similar families systems, but different ones.

Software development based on components has always been the revolutionary idea that led us think that it was possible to build quality software quickly. Looking backward, we see the progress made in understanding the right way to reuse software and existing knowledge, and we are increasingly astonished to realize that this is just the beginning. In this way the software development based on components became the mainstay of the Industrial Software Revolution and is projected today in several new ways to make quality software with the lowest costs on the market and in times that were previously unthinkable .

Agile methodologies

Our team work with SCRUM to deliver the best software, on time and with a good performance. Our development environments allow organize our team for get strict developments sprints, withoout deviation and checking results all the time.

Software integration

We design and develop software process to integrate and unify data from different sources, to get information free of duplated registers, with simplier process and generate management information ussefull. We automate the data interchange between two or more software applications, getting data to use can by another business process.

Full cycle delivery

We are experts full cycle software development, from diagnostics to production and support stage. Our professional team involve on your business processes, to understand all details and make proposals to add real value to your business.

Support and advice

We are focused to deliver solutions to strategic and operartive troubles. You can have a technology aliance with us, to get all necessary know how to make best desitions for your company. We accompany new implementations, transitions projects and integrations, according to each case.

We support more than 60 national and international clients. Delivering solutions for key sector as: Insurance, Hotels, Logistics, Software, Agriculture, Construction and Collection.

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