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These are the main features of our service

Staff Augmentation

We provide speed, flexibility and professional dedication, in the scale that your team needs for the most important sectors.

Launch controlled

We work with your team to launch systems projects, helping in the motivation, training and improvement of those involved.

Technical knowledge

We have professionals of deep technical knowledge who will put at your disposal all their potential and their technical and human capabilities.


We help you in the decision-making process, in everything related to information technology (IT).

Operational tracking

We provide you with the necessary tools to be able to follow all the events that you consider important within your company.

Appropriate indicators

We can accompany you in generating the right indicators, for the size and timing of your business, to improve decision making and improve the efficiency of it.

Other functions

We can help you in the selection and hiring of the appropriate personnel, in financial decisions and also in marketing, identifying the impact of each of these areas throughout the organization.

Constant update

We will keep you informed of global trends in information technology, and we will constantly propose improvements aligned to the digitization and de-organization of your organization.


If necessary, we send a team of people to work daily in your company, to accompany and guide your staff from the smallest tasks.

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We support more than 60 national and international clients. Delivering solutions for key sector as: Insurance, Hotels, Logistics, Software, Agriculture, Construction and Collection.

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