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Successful sales routes

Peddler a solution that allowsto automate the management of company sales force operations. By using mobile devices that allow sales team record orders or purchase orders in the customer's worksite and handle all the information needed for the process, thus streamlining management. The mobile system allows to perform similar tasks to your company ERP, and because it greatly reduces operations time, results in raising productivity and increasing profitability. The seller synchronizes his equipment and in seconds updates the company data thus avoiding the transcription of data by other staff like manually orders.

Peddler offers a variety of functionalities to achieve this, including:
  • Know the daily work route in advance.
  • Know if seller visited all clients on schedule.
  • Register orders quickly, without using pencil or paper, using your ERP products and customers information.
  • Apply discounts or promotions.
  • Multiple price lists.
  • Send order information at any time, anywehre of the day and from anywhere.
  • Manage returns of products, whatever the reason.
  • Integration with your company ERP.

Main features


Get a map of how to go straight to each customer and access a call button for each one.

Save time

Knowing in advance your daily work route, each point, times and distances estimated from your location.


Multi-languages capacity, allowing user access configuration from different countries on the same platform.


Configure roles and permissions according each user privileges.

Activity Tracking

The application will keep you informed of real time movements made by each distributor, with the actual route executed tracking function..

Precise Information

Get up-to-date price and product information in the palm of your hand.

ERP or CRM Integration

Exchange information your company ERP or CRM.


Register and manage your merchandise returns, classifying different reasons, all: with Peddler.

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