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We help ZPM to build and maintain its Logistic Control System

In order to guarantee the quality standards committed by ZPM, and ensure that they are maintained throughout the entire project, we provide the development of an exclusive software (ZPMS) that controls every step of the process, from the factory to the site of work, tracking each individual component by serial number, with all its details along each step, (images in case of damage, mooring.arregles for land or maritime transport, etc.), working on line 24/7 / 365.

This software allows ZPM customers to receive automated reports associated with events, as necessary, with stock control in all stages, transport status, for each component, etc., without having to use spreadsheets or paper records.

The data is collected by mobile devices with GPRS / WiFi connectivity in such a way that we can issue exchange receipts on the spot, while these are being transmitted to the designated parties.

With this tool, a Logistics Manager can manage more than one project at a time without having to refer to multiple spreadsheets or daily activity reports. It goes without saying that this allows billing and review of invoices, online, evaluation, etc.

These are the main characteristics of our service


We deliver the documented project, the trained personnel and everything ready to start operating.

Custom solution

The solution to be implemented will be designed exclusively for your company, taking into account the current and future needs of it.

Total integration

We create systems that seek to improve the registration and disposition of information, integrating all the necessary tools to achieve it.


We help in the decision-making process for the acquisition of equipment, hardware, infrastructure or software.


We accompany the process of implementation and implementation, interacting directly with those involved, to achieve the expected objectives.


If necessary, we send a team of people to work daily in your company, to accompany and guide your staff from the smallest tasks.

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