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Dabarú Logistics

Dabarú is a mobile tool which allows improving performance on management and registration of information on delivery logistics. With an easy-to-use interface, your distributor may access all necessary information to locate a customer, record and report, in real time, merchandise delivering process. At the same time, it is able to indicate items not delivered, the reason, and stock on track, just with your cell phone or tablet.With Dabarú Logistics you will:

  • Know delivery routes in advance.
  • Access Up-To-Date Stock-On-Truck.
  • Have the products delivery information On-Line updated.
  • Know package returned in workday.
  • Record client visits and reasons for non-delivery of packages.
  • Access route tracking executed by the distributor.
  • Report delivery information anytime, anywhere.
  • Integrate with your company ERP.

Main features


Rely on maps and get straight delivery points and access a call button for each one.

Save time

Knowing in advance your daily work route, each point, times and distances estimated from your location.


Multi-languages capacity, allowing user access configuration from different countries on the same platform.

On-Transit Stock

Know all stock in transit broken down by item.

Activity Tracking

The application will keep you informed of real time movements made by each distributor, with the actual route executed tracking function.


Notify special deliveries in real time, online.

ERP or WMS Integration

Integrate Dabarú with your business platform, regardless of the technology in which it is developed.


Each user has access corresponding responsibility levels.

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