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Automate repetitive tasks and activities, and reduce the number of errors in your company by using our RPA Software.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the usage of software robots to automate the highly repetitive routine tasks that normally are made by workers in your organization.

How to you can use RPA?

RPA helps to automate many repetitive and cleary defined processes used in insurance companies, finance services, health care and other type of companies.

Replace data entry jobs

Use unattended bots to automate and streamline manual, repetitive tasks such as data collection and reporting, onboarding, managing orders, calculating payroll amounts and more.

Information search

For instance, to search multi-screen information to invoicing tasks.

Manage directional changes

And similar tasks that requires many updates on diferent systems.

IT Management

Use unattended bots, attended bots and intelligent virtual agents to automate IT processes such as IT help desk, service requests and event and access management, especially when working with existing systems and back-end applications that lack good APIs.

Document processing

Use built-in optical character recognition (OCR) to extract structured data from unstructured content to improve the accuracy and speed of document processing.

What are the benefits of RPA?

Acelerate the company's value

Build, test and implement new automation schemes, to do tasks in hours, instead of days or months.

To reduce 10% mistakes in manual sectors

Drop out all mistakes from copy-paste, when you need to copy the same data in many systems.

Improve the presition

The organizations that use RPA solutions can done tasks 5x faster than they are made by employees.

Reduce between 50% and 70% of costes for frecuent repetitive tasks..

Assign the people to do innovative work with higher priority, through the automation up to 45% of work activities.

Facilitate continuous productivity throughout the day.

How to start with RPA?

In our Automation Expert Lab we can help you to improve your processes efficiency and your customers experience. There are in two versions, according to what you need to automate.

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