Let's work for a more intelligent future.
The Bombieri's academic initiative.

With the incresing demand for software employees, we thought and created the Bombieri Academic Initiative. It offers academic training for the next generation of IT professionals. It is an initiative through which we will carry out a wide spectrum of actions to promote and strengthen programming and technology learning.

We are working on the follow topics:

  • Software
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence

Our goals


Promote the usage and learning of cutting-edge technologies.


Establish and maintain relationships between our company and high schools, universities and educational institutions.


Provide support for the modernization of the regional educational system.


Promote the study of programming in society.

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  • Annual meeting of advanced high school students to make the ICT sector and opportunities in the region visible: "High School of the Future"
  • Free workshops
    • Training for High Shcool Teachers in new tools.
    • Free open training for high school and university students.
  • Short courses on specific languages and technologies.
  • Open talks to the community and Contests.
  • Participation in university chairs to take information from the labor to the educational area.

We support more than 60 national and international clients. Delivering solutions for key sectors such as: Insurance, Hotels, Logistics, Software, Agriculture, Construction and Collection.

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